Growing the I-Jin


I-Jin are artificial humans based on DNA from exceptional figures from history. In many cases their genetic makeup was augmented and complimented with cybernetic enhancements giving such individuals enhanced abilities.

The I-Jin were originally part of the Gentleman Resuscitation Project, under the Department of Dominant Gene Conservation. The hope being that one such exceptional human would be able to effectively contain the knowledge and wisdom of Mr. Gentleman. Such that his dying body could be replaced while keeping his intellect intact.

However the Dokusensha stole the I-Jin genetic samples. The resulting I-Jin became responsible for most of the events in the Read or Die OVA. Whether the I-Jin escaped from the Dokusensha to execute this plan, or whether they were under the direction of the Dokusensha is a mystery. This is just speculation by the Special Operations Division, as there is no conclusive evidence indicating how involved Dokusensha had been in executing the I-Jin's plan.



  • Junior, he is the offspring of 2 I-Jin.

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