Book immortal beloved

Yomiko shows us the title page from the OVA series

General InformationEdit

The "Immortal Beloved", of which Yomiko comes upon the first of the 2 volume book set of at Toto Books, is a highly sought-after book from the OVA continuity. The book itself is written in German, hence the title actually printed inside the book: "die "Unsterbliche Liebe"".

Immortal Beloved appears to be an extended version of Ludwig van Beethoven's letter, published as a book before Beethoven's death. The actual letter was published but only after its discovery following Beethoven's death. The German name of the book in real life is "Unsterbliche Geliebte", as opposed to the title that appears in the Read or Die OVA, "Unsterbliche Liebe".

The Book in Real LifeEdit

The book in the ROD OVA is most likely based on a letter the Beethoven wrote to his, "Immortal beloved." The letter was published as a book titled, "die "Unsterbliche Geliebte"".

The transcrpt from the book, "mein Engel, mein alles, mein Ich . . . meine unsterbliche Geliebte". Roughly translates to the passage Yomiko read aloud to Nancy and stated the romantic value of.

Author and IntentEdit

This book was written by the original Ludwig van Beethoven. By attaining the volume in the OVA series, the I-Jin intend upon, and compose, a Suicide Symphony. When the British Library's research team for the Special Operations Division examine the data and eventually process its musical significance, and listen to the digital composition, they kill themselves in gruesome manners. The handwritten music in the margin are the key for creating the symphony.