Music by Taku Iwasaki

Track ListingEdit

  1. In the beginning, roars the electric genius
  2. Theme of R.O.D ~ opening version ~
  3. Those who insanely love books say, "Paper is always with us"
  4. At a bookstore - run silent, run deep
  5. Shudder! Shudder! More shudder!
  6. Gentleman-like, all too gentlemanly
  7. Theme of Stardust hidden in the interval of time
  8. The evil wing of gale, that no one can catch
  9. Unequaled boisterous dance, the sky is too small
  10. A man playing in the west raises a pole at will
  11. Suite for an I-Jin
  12. Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain!
  13. Theme of R.O.D ~ long version ~
  14. Souls of the women rest for a moment, and thereafter...

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