The US Cover to Graphic Novel 3


While the student wars continue, the underground library rises from the earth with a voracious appetite for knowledge - and students! Yomiko Readman is the only hope to save B class, but she's fighting her own battle with memories of Donny Nakajima and his faithful friend Ridley Wan, whose dark fate led him to join the ancient order of Hermit Readers.

Can Yomiko overcome her own tragic past to save the students or will someone else have to face the demon? Has Yomiko lost her touch?

Story by Hideyuki Kurata and Art by Shutaro Yamada.


Reading Can Be Deadly


  • Episodes: 17 - 23
  • Author's Note

Release InformationEdit

  • Japan: January 2002
  • United States
    • Release Date: 18 July 2006
    • Page Count: 216