Read or Die Novel
Novel 1
Proceeded By None
Followed By Read or Die Novel 2
Year Published 2000

Written by Hideyuki Kurata.


Yomiko Readman uses her amazing paper-manipulating abilities for a secret division of the British library, answering to her handler Joseph Carpenter. The division, run by the ancient Mr. Gentleman, is in charge of collecting and monitoring rare books throughout the world. But to afford her book addiction, Yomiko also moonlights as a substitute teacher. On her latest teaching assignment she meets 17-year-old literary prodigy Nenene Sumiregawa just in time to save her from deranged fans Fire and Ink, the latter of which is determined to kidnap Nenene and keep her as his own personal author (he’s even tattooed her work on his body). Yomiko defeats the giant match-wielding Fire and manages to save Nenene as the building and Ink are destroyed by Fire’s explosive death. Yomiko is rewarded with her heart’s desire, an autographed copy of Nenene’s novel!

Japanese Release InformationEdit

  • Release Date: July 14, 2000
  • Page Count: 228

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