Music by Taku Iwasaki

Track ListingEdit

  1. R.O.D -Homeward journey of my heart Version-
  2. Flower blossoming maidens' burdock's roots dish
  3. Anita, 12 years old
  4. Abandon the books, go out on the town
  5. Jump before seeing
  6. The color ban
  7. Fu-Wa-Fu-Ra
  8. Passwords are happy-go-lucky
  9. Give us work
  10. A town that stepped on me and a town I stepped on
  11. There is no reward for a winner
  12. Absolute pitch
  13. Strange
  14. Those who go underground in the darkenss
  15. Heaven inhabited by devils
  16. Light from the passing days (God save the Queen)
  17. A cast off skin of soul
  18. Love is destiny, destiny is paper
  19. Friend
  20. Dreaming women
  21. Moments in The Sun
  22. Confidence