Makuhari vs. Mata HariEdit

There should probably be a seperate listing for Mata Hari and Nancy as one was a real life historical character and one is the Read or Die character. -MiB

Nancy 1 vs Nancy 2Edit

Nancy 1 and Nancy two should probably have seperate areas of this page, in order to avoid confusion between the two characters. However, this should have a spoiler warning above it. - MiB

Various... Edit

Small suggestions mostly, some for accuracy sake and perhaps some nitpickery. ^_~

Nancy's age (OAV) is said to be 26 (according to both the English dub and also the spoken dialogue/subtitles in the official release, I believe). Whether or not that's her true age (and not simply based off "Young Nancy") is up in the air.

Regarding "Young Nancy" in the OAV, Dubbed!Wendy says "years ago" and mentions a hospital, but doesn't go into further specifics (on either time or location). It could have been two years, it could have been much longer. Unless it's cleared up elsewhere officially. Sometime during or around the time she was college/university is probably the most accurate.

I'd also suggest at least moving the details about her (Nancy 2's) appearance in the TV below the spoiler line, in that, she doesn't actually appear post-OAV for about 15 episodes I think (and is revealed late in the OAV).

Please cite reliable sources as well for statements like, "Some online sources say that...." and similar. As I would guess policy here would probably follow that of the main Wiki itself. See:

May also want to either omit or note certain differences in the English language version vs. the original Japanese language version if/when quoting. Ex. The "porn star" name vs what I believe in the Japanese was simply that it (the codename "Miss Deep") wasn't cute. So too with similar. Sometimes it's a minor thing, the way something is phrased, other times it's more so.

It might do with a bit of slimming down and rearrangement too, not sure. The Paper

Removed "DAMN THOSE SOME BIG TITS!!!!!!!!!" from the page. Lord Duke 23:09, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

Nancy Makuhari Image GalleryEdit

I moved the Nancy Makuhari Image Gallery to its own article to keep the main page from getting overly cluttered. - MiB

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