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Tohru Okahara is a classmate of Anita King, also attending Nishihama Junior High School. Tohru has been a classmate of Hisami Hishiishii since elementary school and is called "Tohru-chan" by Hisa.

Tohru has a crush on Hisami, but has trouble expressing his feelings for her, especially when Hisami and Anita become close friends. Though he eventually does confess to her, she is uncertain if she reciprocates. Regardless, he continues to care about her and acknowledges how much she values her friendship with Anita. In the television series, Hisami disappears on Anita's last day of school before returning to Hong Kong; Tohru leaves class and goes around town to find her so that the two friends will be able to say good-bye to one another.

As a result of his crush on Hisami, Tohru sees Anita as a rival of sorts for Hisami's attention and initially argues with her.